KFC Canada Introduces Expanded Plant-Based Menu

KFC Canada Introduces Expanded Plant-Based Menu

KFC Canada is kicking off 2022 with the launch of its expanded plant-based menu, offering fans more ways to enjoy KFC’s signature fried chicken flavour in plant-based form.

Starting this month, participating KFC locations across Canada will be featuring the Plant-Based Sandwich, Plant-Based Spicy Sandwich, Plant-Based Popcorn and Box Meal.

The brand’s Plant-Based Sandwich features a crispy plant-based fillet, coated in KFC’s herbs and spices, sandwiched in a potato bun with lettuce and mayo. The Spicy version adds Spicy mayo for an extra kick.

Plant-based Popcorn consists of plant-based bites coated in signature KFC breading served with your choice of dipping sauce.

KFC’s Plant-Based Sandwich joins the brand’s permanent menu, while Plant-Based Popcorn will be available for a limited time.

KFC’s Plant-Based Fried Chicken is made in Canada by plant-based protein brand Lightlife.

Image via KFC

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