Tim Hortons Reveals New And Improved Coffee Cup Lid

Tim Hortons Reveals New And Improved Spill-Resistant Coffee Cup Lid

Tim Hortons looks to make your coffee drinking experience more enjoyable with the introduction of new spill-resistant lids.

The redesigned lid is made from 100 per cent recyclable polypropylene and features a raised dome, tabbed closure, an improved flow of coffee from the cup, along with a maple leaf embossed in the lid.

Tim Hortons said the new lid took more than two years to develop.

Additionally, Tim Hortons said it is also taking a firm position on single-use paper cups by introducing new reusable drinkware that that will be available for purchase at a low price point in participating restaurants this summer, starting at $1.99.

Tim Hortons reusable drinkware
Tim Hortons reusable drinkware (Tim Hortons)

The brand also announced other coffee packaging sustainability initiatives for 2019, including testing a more environmentally friendly paper cup, testing a new strawless lid for iced coffee and rolling out wooden stir sticks.

One thought on “Tim Hortons Reveals New And Improved Spill-Resistant Coffee Cup Lid”

  1. I hate the new lids. I spill more with them than the old ones where I could push the tab in and never spill. Feels now as though you have to suck the coffee out of it.

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