President's Choice To Offer Buck-A-Beer In Ontario Starting On August 27, 2018

President’s Choice To Offer Buck-A-Beer In Ontario Starting August 27, 2018

President’s Choice will celebrate the return of buck-a-beer in Ontario by offering select PC brand beer for a loonie.

Launching just in time for the last long weekend of summer, the brand’s limited-time buck-a-beer promotion will start on Monday, August 27. The company did not announce when the buck-a-beer promotion would end.

“When we launched the original buck-a-beer back in 1992, customers were so excited about a quality product at an affordable price we couldn’t keep it on shelves,” said Ian Gordon, senior VP, President’s Choice.

Earlier this month Ontario’s premier announced he would lower the minimum price of beer from to $1.25 to $1. Breweries are under no obligation to lower their prices.

The following products (including a 10 cent per-bottle deposit charge) will be priced at $13.20 for 12 bottles or $26.40 for 24 bottles:

  • PC 2.5
  • PC Cerveza
  • PC Dry
  • PC Light
  • PC Genuine
  • PC Honey

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