Hamilton Police Respond To Unhappy McDonald’s Meal Complaint

Hamilton Police Respond To McDonald’s Unhappy Meal Complaint

Police in Hamilton, Ontario responded to a 911 call from an “irate” man with a complaint over a cold burger and fries he ordered from McDonald’s through Uber Eats on Canada Day.

While no injuries were reported, police are cautioning the public against making “nuisance” calls to 911.

According to Hamilton Police, the man took his complaint to a local McDonald’s where the order originated. That’s where a dispute erupted over who was to blame for the cold food – the restaurant or the Uber driver, CTV reported Thursday. It’s a cold case that may never be solved.

Twitter user @SeanJasonWebb posted a photo of the interaction between police and the complainant on social media. The responding officers made it clear to the man that his issue wasn’t a police matter.

While no charges were brought against the man, he was warned that any improper use of 911 in the future could see him charged with public mischief.

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