Second Cup Introduces New Nanaimo Bar FroCho

Second Cup Introduces New Nanaimo Bar FroCho

Second Cup offers its own unique twist on a classic Canadian treat with the release of the new Nanaimo Bar FroCho.

The Nanaimo Bar FroCho features the flavours of rich chocolate, toasted coconut and a hint of creamy custard. The drink is finished with a topping of whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and toasted coconut.

You can find the Nanaimo Bar FroCho at participating Second Cup locations across Canada for a limited time while supplies last.

The Nanaimo Bar is an iconic Canadian dessert which requires no baking. It consists of three layers: a wafer and coconut crumb-base, custard flavoured butter icing, and a layer of chocolate ganache on top. Several variations on the original recipe also exist, but they’re all generally referred to as Nanaimo Bars.

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