East Side Mario's Italian Food Festival Has Arrived For Summer 2018

East Side Mario’s Italian Food Festival Has Arrived For Summer 2018

East Side Marios welcomes the return of its popular Italian Food Festival at participating locations across Canada through July 15, 2018.

Starting at $12.99, this year’s event includes nine all new entrees, featuring the brand’s new Ravioli Lasagna.

Every Italian Food Festival meal includes all-you-can-eat soup or salad along with garlic homeloaf.

Entrees available during this year’s festival are:

Ravioli Lasagna – Three giant ricotta-stuffed ravioli separated by layers of Mario’s signature tomato sauce, Alfredo sauce, more tomato sauce, and then baked with pizza mozzarella.

Crispy Basa With Summer Vegetable Salsa – A crispy basa fillet topped with a cucumber and tomato salsa and served with seasonal summer veggies.

Grilled Chicken Scampi – Grilled chicken scaloppini in a white wine, garlic and butter sauce. Served with Mario’s potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Spaghettini Primavera With Goat Cheese – A variety of gourmet veggies sautéed in olive oil with spinach, basil, sun-dried tomato pesto and topped with goat cheese.

Ultimate Canadian Carbone Pizza – Light and airy charcoal pizza dough topped with Mario’s pizza sauce, pizza mozzarella, pepperoni, real crispy bacon and roasted button mushrooms.

Oven-Baked Calzone – Italian sausage with pizza mozzarella, sun-dried tomato pesto, goat cheese, roasted button mushrooms and Mario’s signature tomato sauce.
Baked Italiano – Genoa salami, prosciutto, pepperoni, caramelised onions, pizza mozzarella and our signature tomato sauce all baked on an Italian Spaccatelli bun.

Peppercorn Alfredo Rigatoni – Pasta tossed in velvety Alfredo sauce with spinach, sliced mushrooms and peppercorns.

Double-Bacon Pizza – Strips of bacon topped with caramelised onions and crispy crumbled bacon, of course. Garnished with green onions, peppercorns and Parmesan.

Prosciutto-Wrapped Mozzarella – Six melty mozzarella batons wrapped with crispy prosciutto, resting on a bubbling bed of Mario’s signature tomato sauce and fresh bruschetta. Served with crunchy garlic crostini.


Tiramisu Cheesecake – Served with chocolate sauce and a dollop of vanilla cream.

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