Tim Hortons Introduces New Tims Signature Turkey Melt

Tim Hortons Introduces New Tims Signature Turkey Melt

Tim Hortons expands its turkey sandwich lineup with the introduction of the new Tims Signature Turkey Melt.

The new turkey melt sandwich features a blend of melted and grilled, mozzarella and Monterey Jack cheeses on the outside, along with 100 per cent carved turkey and melted cheddar cheese on the inside.

The new sandwich joins the chain’s carved turkey sandwich lineup with includes the recently introduced ‘New and Improved’ Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich.

The club features seasoned, oven-roasted Canadian carved turkey, hickory smoked bacon, lettuce, and tomato all sandwiched inside a new rustic bun.

You can find the new Tims Signature Turkey Melt for a limited time at participating Tim Hortons locations across Canada.

3 thoughts on “Tim Hortons Introduces New Tims Signature Turkey Melt”

  1. Re the new Signature turkey melt, looks great in the ads but was pretty tasteless to me, sorry I ordered it.

    1. Grosses thing I’ve ever eaten. Nearly barfed. Gross, hot and cold worst sandwich. If this is Tim’s signature sandwich they’re lost this customer.

  2. Had a turkey melt sandwich today and was VERY disappointed in it. The inside of the sandwich consisted of pieces of turkey in mayonnaise and melted cheese. The bread was toasted but there was no cheese on the outside of the “melted cheese” sandwich. Also, the sandwich was served in a paper bag even though I was eating it in the Tim Horton’s coffee shop. A very disappointing experience and a sandwich which I will not be ordering again!

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