KFC Canada Brings Back Extra Crispy Chicken For A Limited Time

KFC Canada Brings Back Extra Crispy Chicken For A Limited Time

It’s crunch time at KFC Canada as the chain brings back its popular Extra Crispy Chicken recipe at participating locations.

The limited time offering is available as part of an Extra Crispy Feast and $5.99 Extra Crispy Box.

The Extra Crispy Feast features 5 pieces of Original Recipe Chicken, 5 pieces of Extra Crispy Chicken, 3 medium sides, 4 pieces of Buttery Bread, a medium fries and medium gravy.

The $5.99 Extra Crispy Box includes 2 pieces of Extra Crispy Chicken, individual fries, Buttery Bread and a 355ml drink.

Extra Crispy Chicken is available at participating locations across Canada for a limited time.

6 thoughts on “KFC Canada Brings Back Extra Crispy Chicken For A Limited Time”

  1. We have seen the ad for your extra crispy recipe – for a limited time at participating locations – so we asked at our local store and the employee there said it wasn’t actually the “old” extra crispy…it was actually extra spicy. What’s the deal! Does Chilliwack not have a “participating” locations? Your advertising seems a bit misleading…
    Please respond – we aren’t buying unless it’s the real old “crispy” chicken.

  2. I won’t eat kfc unless it’s extra crispy. I would probably eat 2 to 3 times a week because I enjoy it that much, however you don’t f***ing serve it here in Halifax!

  3. I had extra chrispy last week but went today and it was gone! I didn’t even know it was back 🙁

    I don’t go to KFC unless its extra crispy.

  4. My husband and I both LOVE KFC extra crispy!! We don’t go to KFC when it’s not available, wish it was always available, please!!!!

    1. Me too Karen have loved it since it was released back in the day. Love the crunch and same I only visit KFC when they have it available.

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