Tim Hortons Introduces New And Improved Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich

Tim Hortons Introduces ‘New And Improved’ Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich

Tim Hortons gives an old favourite new life with the introduction of the “New and Improved” Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich.

The Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich features seasoned, oven-roasted 100 per cent Canadian carved turkey, hickory smoked bacon, lettuce, and tomato on a new rustic bun.

While not announced officially by Tim Hortons, it’s probably fair to assume the brand will upgrade their current lineup of sandwiches to the new rustic bun.

The new limited-time sandwich can be found at participating Tim Hortons locations across Canada.

Image via Tim Hortons

16 thoughts on “Tim Hortons Introduces ‘New And Improved’ Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich”

  1. We visited a Tim Horton’s in Brantford Ont and ordered the new turkey bacon roasted carved turkey club sandwich. The turkey was shredded not carved as advertised and depicted and very minimal amount you could hardly taste it to define if really was turkey. I asked employee and she said they shred theirs which makes me wonder why when is advertised as oven roasted carved turkey.

  2. I also ordered the new bacon turkey club for my husband and myself in Saskatoon at the location on Preston Ave and also got very little turkey on the sandwich and it no where resembled what they were advertising. It was far from oven roasted turkey. Why are you advertising something you are not providing? The bacon from the advertisement looks thick but the bacon in our sandwiches was very thin and not much. Very disappointed!

  3. I had a turkey bacon club sandwich today for lunch and really enjoyed it. It was shredded turkey not carved but that really didn’t bother me. What I would like to have in the sandwich though is some cranberry sauce.

  4. Have been having the original turkey bacon club sandwiches every week with my friends since they came out several years back and we all love them. Had one of the new version yesterday not knowing a new version was out. The new version had the turkey shredded and it was dry and made with mayonaise. I thought the ŕestaurant had made a mistake and told them so. They made one with the honey mustard but it still wasn’t very good and I only had a couple of bites and left it. How could Tim Horton’s make such a big boo boo on this. Bring back the better sandwich instead of this shredded one and make sure the bun is fresh and not stale and you will keep me and my friends as customers. THE

    1. I had not known there was a “new” Turkey Bacon Club (Club à la Tim in Quebec) until I got to work with the one I ordered out and noticed the chucks of turkey that fell out of my sandwich in the bag.

      I used to have these sandwiches 3-4 times a week when I worked overnights and only Tim’s was open late and nearby but had not had any for a few months now, so I was very confused seeing these chunks of turkey as I did not remember anything like that before.

      I too wish the honey-mustard with deli-sliced turkey would come back!

      1. This just happened to me. I ordered this 3 times and the third time i complained thinking they made a mistake. Absolutely garbage sandwiches – with the exception of the new buns which as less like sponges.

  5. What does oven roasted, 100% Canadian carved turkey mean? Does it mean the turkey is only carved in Canada and produced elsewhere? I find the description ambiguous.

  6. New turkey bacon club sandwich is a bust. Bun was same as always – no change. Turkey was dry dry dry & changing honey mustard sauce to mayo – WHAT WERE THEY THINKING! Turkey bacon club sandwich went from pretty much perfect to yuck bland horrible! Old turkey bacon club used to get me in their door at least once a week. Now I have no reason to go there ever again!

  7. I was sick and wanted my favourite sandwich from Tim Hortons, the turkey bacon club. Got home and this sandwich is such a major disappoint…. Just a tip, people who love mustard on sandwiches usually hate mayo. If a product is a favourite, it doesn’t need to be changed.

  8. I was really looking forward to finally trying this sandwich, the turkey melt. It had lots of turkey and sauce , looked really good. It likely would’ve been if they had not put processed cheese in the sandwich. Why would u used roasted turkey, real cheese on the outside, and a nice bread and ruin the whole sandwich by putting something cheap on it? Why go to the effort of making something original and throwing crap in the middle of it? It wasnt terrible but i was disappointed as it could’ve been much better.

  9. maybe tim hortons should let there customers know when or what your changing .. or you could loose alot more customers to mcdonalds instead … Honey mustard was the best on your turkey bacon club.. but now that you have changed it i wont be ordering it any longer yuck….. that is just my opion … I think that tim hortons should have never let burger king take over worst mistake ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It was perfect the was it was!!! The contrast of tastes, textures and temperatures was on point. Now it’s just a salty bland greasy sandwich.

  11. There’s a reason McDonalds hasn’t changed the Big Mac in 1000 years… If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Brutal sandwich. Used to be the best

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