Bell Announces Launch Of Whole Home Wi-Fi

Bell Announces Launch Of Whole Home Wi-Fi

Bell announced Wednesday that is has partnered with Plume for the launch of its Whole Home Wi-Fi service.

Bell says its new Whole Home Wi-Fi is Canada’s first in-home Wi-Fi service that brings smart and fast Wi-Fi to every room in the home while adapting to user habits.

As part of the service, new access points will be available through pods that work in conjunction with cloud-based networking intelligence of Bell’s Home Hub 3000 modem to deliver a fully adaptive Wi-Fi service.

The service allows consumers to securely manage their entire home network remotely, including parental control over every Wi-Fi connected device via the Bell Wi-Fi mobile app.

Plume pods plug directly into any standard electrical outlet to deliver whole-home Wi-Fi coverage free of dead zones. The smart mesh network also learns user habits to ensure the network is optimized during peak usage hours.

Bell Whole Home Wi-Fi will initially be available to consumers in Ontario and Québec, and will soon be available Atlantic Canada and Manitoba.

Whole Home Wi-Fi pods cost $5 per month for a 4-pack and $2 per month for singles.

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