Gas Prices In Alberta Going Up On January 1, 2018

Gas Prices In Alberta Going Up On January 1, 2018

It’s going to cost Albertans more to fill up the tank in 2018 as the province is set to increase the carbon tax by 50 per cent on January 1.

At the start of 2017, Notley’s NDP government implemented a $20 per tonne tax on carbon dioxide. That tax will rise to $30 a tonne on January 1, 2018.

The change will take the carbon tax on gasoline from the current 4.49 cents per litre, to 6.73 cents per litre, or about 2.2 cents more per litre at the pump. That doesn’t account for gas retailers taking advantage of the opportunity to add an additional increase on their end.

For diesel users, the tax will increase from 5.35 cents to 8.03 cents, or about 2.7 cents per litre at the pump.

The 50 per cent tax increase will also apply to propane and natural gas.

On the bright side, about 60 per cent of households in Alberta will actually recover the increase through the province’s rebate program, which is indexed to increase on January 1, as well.

While many won’t actually feel the pain, some 40 per cent of Albertans will not see any relief.

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