Toronto Polar Bear Club Cancels 2018 New Year’s Day Dip Due To Ice Conditions

The Toronto Polar Bear Club as announced the cancellation of its long running New Year’s Day dip into Lake Ontario at Sunnyside Beach due to ice conditions.

“Unfortunately due to ice conditions at Sunnyside Beach and in consideration of participant safety we have made the difficult decision to cancel the Toronto Polar Bear Dip for the first time in 13 years,” the club posted on Facebook Sunday.

The club said it’s exploring the possibility of running the event on a later date.

Unfortunately due to ice conditions at Sunnyside Beach and in consideration of participant safety we have made the…

Posted by Toronto Polar Bear Club on Sunday, December 31, 2017

Image: The Toronto Polar Bear Club/Facebook

Halifax Wins Best Urban Street Transformation Award For Argyle & Grafton Shared Streetscape Project

Halifax has won the People’s Choice award for Best Urban Street Transformation from urban planning and design website Streetsblog USA.

Halifax was up against streets in Albuquerque, Cleveland, St. Paul, Austin and Toronto.

The Argyle and Grafton Shared Streetscape Project featured a new curbless streetscape combined with “pedestrian zones” and “shared zones.” The project took 21-weeks to complete.

Argyle and Grafton Shared Streetscape Project
Argyle and Grafton Shared Streetscape Project (Halifax Regional Municipality)

“For Halifax, the key to making these two downtown commercial streets work better for people was removing the curbs,” Streetsblog said.

Albuquerque, New Mexico took home the Editors’ Choice award for transit improvements along Central Avenue – the city’s 9.2-mile main artery – which is part of the historic Route 66.

Streetsblog USA promotes better conditions for walking, biking and transit while reducing dependence on cars in the United States and Canada.

Molson Recalls 215,000 Collectible NHL Beer Glasses

Molson Coors Canada is recalling limited edition NHL beer glasses after reports of glasses breaking while being hand-washed.

The recall involves approximately 215,000 20-oz (568 ml) limited edition clear beer glasses with Molson Canadian logo, NHL 100 year (1917-2017) logo, and one of the following eight NHL hockey team logos on the front:

  • Boston Bruins
  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • Detroit Red Wings
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • Montreal Canadiens
  • New York Rangers
  • Ottawa Senators
  • Toronto Maple Leafs

As of December 18, 2017, Health Canada said the company had received 11 reports of glass breaking while hand-washing in Canada, resulting in eight injuries.

The limited edition beer glasses were sold in or with select cases of Molson Canadian beer between September and December 2017.

Health Canada is advising anyone with the products to stop using them immediately and contact Molson Coors Canada for a replacement of similar value.

Consumers may contact Molson Coors Canada by telephone toll-free at 1-800-665-7661 between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. EST Monday to Friday.

With files from Health Canada

Gas Prices In Alberta Going Up On January 1, 2018

It’s going to cost Albertans more to fill up the tank in 2018 as the province is set to increase the carbon tax by 50 per cent on January 1.

At the start of 2017, Notley’s NDP government implemented a $20 per tonne tax on carbon dioxide. That tax will rise to $30 a tonne on January 1, 2018.

The change will take the carbon tax on gasoline from the current 4.49 cents per litre, to 6.73 cents per litre, or about 2.2 cents more per litre at the pump. That doesn’t account for gas retailers taking advantage of the opportunity to add an additional increase on their end.

For diesel users, the tax will increase from 5.35 cents to 8.03 cents, or about 2.7 cents per litre at the pump.

The 50 per cent tax increase will also apply to propane and natural gas.

On the bright side, about 60 per cent of households in Alberta will actually recover the increase through the province’s rebate program, which is indexed to increase on January 1, as well.

While many won’t actually feel the pain, some 40 per cent of Albertans will not see any relief.

Image via CC

Nationwide Sandwich Recall Due To Listeria Contamination

Officials with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) have expanded a list of recalled sandwiches due to Listeria contamination.

The food recall warning originally issued on December 21, 2017 has been updated to include additional product information identified during CFIA’s food safety investigation.

The updated list now includes 36 varieties produced by Edmonton-based HQ Fine Foods sold across Canada under the following brand names: Best Value, Fresh and Local, Hygaard, Made To Go, Quality Fast Foods, Quality Fast Foods Classics and The Snack Co.

CFIA says all of the recalled items carry a best-before date of up to and including February 01, 2018.

Image via HQ

Buy One, Take One Home Free Event Is Back At East Side Mario’s Through January 21, 2018

East Side Mario’s just brought back their popular limited-time promotion where you can buy one entree and take a second entree home with you for free.

The deal is valid when you dine-in and purchase any qualifying entree on the event menu. When you do, you’ll receive a second entree of your choice from select pasta dishes to take home with you on the house.

East Side Mario’s buy one, take one home free event is happening at participating locations across Canada through January 21, 2018.

Image via East Side Mario’s

Here’s How To Receive A $25 Loblaw Card After Bread Price-Fixing Scheme

Loblaw hopes to make things right by offering consumers a $25 gift card after admitting to authorities that the company took part in an industry-wide bread price-fixing scheme spanning a period of 14 years.

Consumer in Canada will be able to register for the $25 cards beginning Friday, January 8, 2018. However, Loblaw is already collecting email addresses to notify consumers when official registration begins.

“We will only use your email address to notify you that registration has opened and not for Loblaw customer marketing or any other purpose, unless you have already given us your consent to do so,” the Loblaw Card Program website states.

If you’re interested in receiving a $25 Loblaw Card, here’s what you need to do to redeem the offer:

  • Visit and enter your email address to be notified when registration opens
  • Once you receive notification to register, simply follow the instructions when they arrive in your inbox

Just be aware that in order to participate you have to be the of age of majority in your province, and you’ll also have to declare that you purchased certain packaged bread products at one of the brand’s eligible stores before March 1, 2015.

Once registration opens, you’ll only have until May 8, 2018 to make your claim for a gift card.

Also take note that this goodwill offer is not limited to one per household. Every eligible Canadian can register for a $25 gift card.

The cards can be used to purchase items sold in the brand’s grocery stores across Canada.

Image via CC

Owner Of Pepsi Vending Machine Abandoned In New Brunswick Potato Field Found

RCMP in New Brunswick have located the owner of a Pepsi vending machine abandoned in a potato field near Grand Falls.

On September 29, 2017, authorities recovered the vending machine in a potato field off the Michaud Road in Grand Falls, N.B.

Police say the machine had been stolen from a local business in Grand Falls earlier this year. That local business as it turns out just happens to be Walmart.

Image via RCMP

Nova Scotia Reveals Top 10 Baby Names Of 2017

For the second year in a row, Olivia and William are the most popular baby names of 2017, according Nova Scotia’s Registry of Vital Statistics.

As of December 28, Nova Scotia welcomed 53 babies named Olivia and 60 named William.

Of the 7,646 registered births in Nova Scotia up to December 28, the top 10 names were:

  • Olivia
  • Charlotte
  • Scarlett
  • Sophia
  • Ava
  • William
  • Benjamin
  • Liam
  • Oliver
  • Lincoln

While the most popular names usually remain fairly consistent over the years, there are a few new noticeable favourites this year. They include Lincoln, Alexander, Grayson, Jaxon, Thomas, Hannah, Avery, Zoey and Sadie.

Nova Scotia began formally registering births on August 1, 1864. The most popular names that year were Mary and John.

Here’s the complete list of the top baby names in Nova Scotia for 2017:


Olivia (53), Charlotte (49), Scarlett (38), Sophia (38), Ava (37), Emma (35), Abigail (34), Evelyn (33), Amelia (32), Ella (31), Claire (29), Hannah (29), Lily (29), Avery (27), Chloe (27), Zoey (26), Sadie (24), Ellie (23), Emily (23), Isabella (23).


William (60), Benjamin (52), Liam (44), Oliver (44), Lincoln (43), Jack (42), Noah (42), Logan (41), Lucas (41), Owen (38), James (37), Ethan (36), Hunter (36), Alexander (34), Carter (32), Grayson (32), Emmett (30), Jackson (30), Mason (30), Jaxon (29), Thomas (29).

Image via CC

Wrong Nail Polish Complaint Is B.C.’s Top 911 Nuisance Call Of 2017

A person calling 911 to complain that a nail salon refused to change their nail polish colour is among B.C.’s top nuisance calls of 2017.

In an effort to help prevent future nuisance calls, E-Comm has released a list of the “Top 10” 911 nuisance calls they received through 2017.

Here are the call centre’s top 10 list of reasons to not call 911:

  1. Complaining a salon wouldn’t change nail polish colour
  2. Car refusing to move forward at a gas station pump
  3. To report food was inedible and restaurant refusing to provide refund
  4. Complaining tenant moved without returning keys
  5. Calling because someone parked in their parking spot
  6. Wondering if a washroom closed sign at a popular beach was legitimate
  7. Complaining gas station wouldn’t accept coins for payment
  8. Calling to ask if raccoons are dangerous animals
  9. Asking if there’s a law preventing washing clothes at 6 a.m.
  10. Calling to check the time following the fall time change

“As you can see by our 2017 list, some people believe 9-1-1 can be used as a customer complaint or general information service,” Jody Robertson, executive director of corporate communications said in a release

“While these calls are absurd, they’re more common than you might think. The fact is – every time a 9-1-1 call taker handles one of these calls, we waste valuable resources. We’re asking the public to help us help.”

E-Comm, B.C.’s largest emergency communications centre, receives around 1.36 million calls every year.

Image via CC