2 thoughts on “Tim Hortons Introduces New Mini Strudels”

  1. I love your Mini-“bite size strudels”- they make perfect coffee time gifts/treats and are so tasty.I take them weekly to my hairdresser and the staff-they also love them.My husband is Tim Bit fan- and I love it all. MY Tims has a great staff and I’m never without my “card” .I get teased that my car can’t pass “My Tims” without turning in- true-good car! Thanks to you all

  2. I went to Tim Hortons two days ago for my daughter all she eats there is mini apple strudels but I was charged $2.40 for 6 of them. It says 3 for $0.50 and the thing is she payed for it with her hard earned gift card.

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