Subway Canada Introduces New Grilled Wraps

Subway Canada Introduces New Grilled Wraps

Subway Canada offers what the chains describes as their first line of sandwiches that you can eat with just one hand with the introduction of new Grilled Wraps.

The new wraps are available in four varieties: Chicken Caesar, Chicken & Bacon RanchB.L.T. and Chipotle Steak & Bacon

The Chicken Caesar features slow cooked, rotisserie-style chicken, and made with 100% Canadian seasoned white meat, Monterey cheddar, parmesan cheese and Caesar sauce all rolled in a savoury tortilla and grilled.

Chicken & Bacon Ranch consists of rotisserie-style seasoned chicken, bacon, Monterey cheese, fresh tomatoes, and ranch sauce all wrapped in a grilled tortilla.
It’s a whole new grilled, gooey, melty taste experience.

B.L.T. features strips of bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, and creamy mayonnaise all wrapped up in a soft tortilla and grilled in a panini press.

Chipotle Steak & Bacon features  100% Canadian seasoned beef, bacon, Monterey cheddar, topped with creamy Chipotle Southwest sauce, and wrapped in a grilled tortilla.

You can find new Grilled Wraps at participating Subway Canada locations nationwide.

Image via Subway Canada

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