KFC Canada Replaces Iconic Green Coleslaw With New Recipe

KFC Canada Replaces Iconic Green Coleslaw With New Recipe

The iconic, creamy bright green coleslaw that you’ve known and loved since childhood is no longer available at KFC Canada.

The green coleslaw, which was unique to Canadian KFC chains, has been replaced with new Homestyle Coleslaw. The Homestyle version is basically the same recipe that’s been available in the U.S.

KFC Canada responds to coleslaw criticism

KFC Canada posted the following message on Facebook in response to criticism of the new recipe coleslaw:

“We made the decision to introduce our new Homestyle Coleslaw after extensive consumer research. We hope you’ll give it another shot and let us know what you think.”


Twitter Coleslaw Backlash




New Homestyle Coleslaw

The new coleslaw is made with cabbage, carrots, onion and the brand’s signature dressing.

KFC Canada Coleslaw
KFC Canada Coleslaw

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13 thoughts on “KFC Canada Replaces Iconic Green Coleslaw With New Recipe”

  1. The change of the way the chicken is cut was shock enough when, but to see in type that the reason you changed the coleslaw to the tasteless one you have now, was after after extensive customer research, is an insult to intelligence. It was changed to get inline with the US and to simplify things. It definitely had more to do with costs and bottom line than taste, because no one who took that taste test tasted the coleslaw we were served. Too many changes for us, as we can’t recognize the food we are eating anymore. You need only to look at what happened with new Coke to see how changing a great thing works. Good luck with things, but this is one customer with 5 kids and 4 grandchildren, who will not be buying your products again.

  2. KFC coleslaw was originally white normal looking in the 70’s and early to late 80’s then they changed it to puke green for some weird reason. Their original coleslaw looked like Fresh Express coleslaw with the colours and a white creamy coleslaw dressing.

  3. Without the familiar green color, it has lost it’s appetizing look. Was the green coloring not good for our health ??

  4. What is the nutritional difference? I loved the old but could adjust. The new tastes like so many coleslaws that I can purchase at much cheaper price at a grocerie stores.

  5. It is very disappointing that KFC is replacing the traditional green coleslaw to the regular coleslaw from US. I have tried the new one and it just does not taste the same and as good as the green one. Canadian consumers are not US consumers. We have very different preferences in food and KFC cannot assume what is popular in US applies to our taste. Eh?

  6. I miss the whole salad bar :bean medley mixed vegetable medley green horseradish coleslaw and a soft bun
    A lemon hand wipe and Tahiti treat pop
    Ifihad the original coleslaw recipe I would make it myself
    The good old days

  7. sorry folks but the green stuff was NOT what I grew up with. It was crap. Here’s hoping the new recipe is better.

  8. I’m actually quite relieved and thrilled that Canada finally has proper coleslaw instead of that disgusting green radioactive slush

  9. I could not STAND the old coleslaw. So happy it’s gone and replaced with coleslaw that actually looks fit for human consumption!

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