This Moncton N.B. Senior’s Home Is Rationing Toilet Paper

This Moncton N.B. Senior’s Home Is Rationing Toilet Paper

Resident’s at a Moncton, New Brunswick senior’s home are getting a real bum deal after receiving a letter from management instructing them to ration their toilet paper, and to buy their own facial tissues.

The directive went out to residents at the Manoir Notre-Dame special care home in a missive dated August 2, 2017.

As part of cost-cutting measures, the home is limiting rolls of toilet paper to just two per week per resident, issued on Mondays.

Family members are outraged over the bum rap. “I think it really shows a lack of respect, dignity and compassion,” the CBC quoted Dianne Leger as saying. Her 88-year-old mother has been living at Manoir Notre-Dame for five years at a cost of $2,400 per month for a small room.

Leger only became aware of the issue on Saturday afternoon after receiving an upsetting call from her mother asking her to pick up some toilet paper. Initially, Leger told the CBC that she was skeptical when her mother told her staff had refused to give her toilet paper, but that all changed when she read the letter addressed to residents.

The home has been reported to adult protection and Leger plans to look for a new place for her mother.


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