KFC Canada Renamed K'ehFC

KFC Canada Renamed K’ehFC

KFC Canada is jumping on the Canada 150 bandwagon by changing its name to something very Canadian: K’ehFC.

To mark the official name change, K’ehFC, formerly known as KFC, will install a brand-new sign at the company’s first-ever Canadian location on 8th Street in Saskatoon. The brand has been serving up K’ehFC at their Saskatoon location since 1955.

“Canada Day is about togetherness — for the country, our communities, and for our friends and family, and bringing people together over a bucket of chicken is what K’ehFC stands for,” said Stephen Scarrow, senior marketing manager for K’ehFC, in a news release.

The new K’ehFC logo will also be featured on buckets of chicken sold across the country. K’ehFC is also marking its name change with online giveaways through their social media channels, as well as an updated website featuring the new K’ehFC logo.

The name change will be in effect throughout the summer.

Image via K’ehFC

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