Tim Hortons Launches Canadian-Themed Treats For Canada's 150th Birthday

Tim Hortons Launches Canadian-Themed Treats For Canada’s 150th Birthday

Tim Hortons celebrates Canada’s 150 birthday with the launch of a line of Canadian-themed treats just in time for this year’s big celebration.

Here’s what you can expect to find at Tim Hortons locations across Canada:

  • White & Red Velvet Muffin
  • Nanaimo Bar Donut
  • Dutchie Donut
  • Maple Timbits

Tim Hortons Canadian-themed treats are available for a limited time at participating locations across Canada.

Image via Tim Hortons

6 thoughts on “Tim Hortons Launches Canadian-Themed Treats For Canada’s 150th Birthday”

  1. Thank you Tim Hortons for bringing back Dutchie Donuts! Our favourite. Please consider keeping them on the menu.

  2. It’s about time I have stopped going to Tim Hortons because you took Dutchies off the menu. Why on hearth would you take it off ????, Every one I speak to think the same, I have spoken to many managers over the years what was the reason ( It came from head office), Well let me tell you that was a big mistake. Keep them on for next 150 years.
    Alan Wadsworth,

  3. My grandfather always spoke about how delicious The Dutchie Donuts were in his day but I never got to try one. I’m so happy Tim Hortons is bringing this back for my chance to share this Canadian experience with him.

  4. I’m overjoyed that Tim Hortons has brought back The Dutchie Donut. This has always been a favourite of my husband and mine, and I’m can’t wait for my granddaughter to serve me one on Canada Day. Hope Tim Hortons can keep on the menu permanently!

  5. Very disappointed in the new Nanaimo donuts and the maple timbits! Donuts were sort of dry, hardly any cream in it, you take a big bite into one – see just brown dough, you take another bite – see a tiny bit of white cream inside, deep, and has nothing to do with the Nanaimo bars!
    The Maple Timbits did not have any resemblance to maple syrup, none, we would have never guessed this is what they were supposed to be! Just look like in the photos of their new products… Plain, with sugar timbits, how are they maple syrup, or new?!
    won’ t buy again, will not recommend.

  6. I thought, what a great idea, a Tims donut and an iconic nanimo bar in one, how Canadian! Nope! The picture is deceiving. I thought the filling would be a nanimo bar-like filling but instead there is no filling at all. Just a solid choclate donut throughout. Change your misleading photo, really disappointing.

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