McDonald’s Canada Is Giving Away Limited-Edition Coca-Cola Glasses

McDonald’s Canada Is Giving Away Limited-Edition Coca-Cola Glasses

McDonald’s Canada is once again giving away limited-edition Coca-Cola Glasses, and here’s what you need to know to score the entire collection of four glasses, for free.

The new limited-edition Coca-Cola glasses are available exclusively at McDonald’s restaurants located in Walmart Canada stores, and you’ll be offered one free glass when you purchase an Extra Value Meal.

This year’s collection of four glasses is available at select McDonald’s in Walmart restaurants across Canada while supplies last.

Just take note that free Coca-Cola glass offer is not valid on Breakfast Extra Value Meals and Happy Meals.

Image via McDonald’s Canada

3 thoughts on “McDonald’s Canada Is Giving Away Limited-Edition Coca-Cola Glasses”

  1. Why is it impossible to find the dates this promotion is running anywhere online or in stores? I just came back from one, and they had a big sign and I got my glass, but I can’t figure out if this was the first or second week.

    1. Hi Chico,

      When available we will include details on the length of promotions, and other pertinent information, however, we can only provide as much information as the source is willing to release.

      If you read our article on this promotion, it clearly says the free glasses will be available while supplies last.

      My advice would be to check with your local McDonald’s/Walmart for the particular glass on offer, and when/if the next glass in the collection will be available.

  2. Chico, I have Steel, Pixel, and Diamond. Just picked up Diamond today. Am not sure whether Linear (the last one) is already passed, or coming next week.

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