Iconic Honest Ed's Sign Comes Down Today In Toronto

Iconic Honest Ed’s Sign Comes Down Today In Toronto

It’s the end of an era in Toronto today as the iconic Honest Ed’s sign at the corner of Bloor and Markham streets will be removed from the storefront.

Opened by Ed Mirvish in 1948, the iconic Honest Ed’s store closed its doors for the final time last December, after the property was sold to Vancouver-based developer Westbank in 2013.

According to officials with Mirvish Productions, a portion of the 23,000-bulb sign will be dismantled today moved to a warehouse, where it will be refurbished.

“I’m delighted to announce that we have found a way to move the 30-foot-tall by 60-foot-wide Honest Ed’s sign from the corner of Markham and Bloor streets to the Ed Mirvish Theatre in the Yonge/Dundas neighbourhood,” said David Mirvish in a press release.

After the sign has been dismantled and removed, it will be shipped to a warehouse where it will be refurbished. Mirvish plans to attach a new steel structure to the Ed Mirvish Theatre to support the refurbished sign. However, the installation must be approved by Toronto City Council before construction can begin.

Plans for Honest Ed's Sign at Mirvish Theatre
Plans for Honest Ed’s Sign at Ed Mirvish Theatre

Images via Google/Mirvish Productions

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