Molson Canadian Is Giving Away 150 Iconic Red Beer Fridges

Molson Canadian Is Giving Away 150 Iconic Red Beer Fridges

Molson Canadian is celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday by launching “A Taste Of Who We Are” campaign celebrating Canadian character. As part of the campaign, Molson Canadian will be rewarding 150 Canadians with a personalized version of the iconic Molson Canadian Red Beer Fridge.

Molson Canadian is offering fans three ways to enter the Red Beer Fridge contest:

  • Nominate yourself, or someone you know by sharing a photo on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #ATasteOfWhoWeAre. You should also include a few words about what makes this person a great Canadian, along with their location.
  • You can also enter by commenting on select Molson Canadian Facebook or Instagram posts, telling Molson about your great Canadian using the hashtag #ATasteOfWhoWeAre and your location (Town, Province).
  • There’s also an option to enter via Molson Canadian’s website.

Each story of acting with Canadian character will be judged using the following criteria:

  • Connection: breaking down borders and bringing people together
  • Class: holding ourselves to the highest of standards in everything we do
  • Celebration: living with Joie de Vivre and celebrating the best in life
  • Commitment: the determination to go to extra lengths. Even when it seems impossible
  • Contribution: leaving things better than when we found them

While gathering information for this item, I visited the Molson Canadian website and came across a section where a selection of nominees and current winners are announced – accompanied by the submitted short stories describing what makes them great Canadians.

The current list beer fridge winners (nine at the time of publication) notably includes Fort McMurray Fire Chief Darby Allen:

Darby Allen, as the Fire Chief of Fort McMurray during the 2016 fire evacuation was the face, the voice, the reassurance that the people of Fort McMurray looked to with trust and respect. He was the source of calm and leadership during this very traumatic experience event. He did so with the utmost humble approach and with the least desire for recognition. I do believe he is worthy of recognition by Molson. I also believe one of these fridges belong in each of the Fire Halls and RCMP stations in Fort McMurray.

If you’re not lucky enough to be rewarded with a Molson Canadian Red Beer Fridge, you can always order one online from Molson for $1,850, plus tax, and about $500 for shipping.

The contest is open to all Canadians of legal drinking age.

Image via Molson Canadian

9 thoughts on “Molson Canadian Is Giving Away 150 Iconic Red Beer Fridges”

  1. This man is a true Canadian . He is very proud of his country and he is caring person he deserves this fridge

  2. This man deserves a Canadian fridge for been there for my children as they had no one . He is there for my mom who is alone after losing my father 4 years ago on Canada Day. He is kind to everyone he meets but most of all he is the love of my life

  3. True Canadian in need of beer fridge! Always taking care of others and not her own needs….would like to see something good for her!!

  4. Loves his job working with children; gives 150% everyday to help them succeed in creating a better Canada for everyone. His favorite colors are red, white and blue and wears them weekly! Go Habs Go!!

  5. I nominate my friend DANNY D’ARDIS to win one of your Molson Canadian Red Beer Fridges he is an amazing Dad and great friend to all that know him .He’s always putting others first without a second thought even a kidney illness cant keep this man down never complains always helping out friends as he is a very talented handyman. THE MOSLSON CANADIAN RED FRIDGE would look great in his man cave or on his deck something that’s for HIM as he does so much for others I am proud to call him my friend ,,nothing goes better than watching Blue Jays and a Canadian Beer as he does and getting that beer from a well deserved winning fridge 😉

  6. I would love to have the Canadian Beer Fridge at my home.
    My little beer fridge is open for everyone who stops in for a visit, and a larger would hold more and a lot more cold ones for our friends from everywhere.

  7. I am co-chair of our 13th PSF salmon gala event in Powell River on Oct 21st It would be a great live auction item to have your fridge with a variety of your great products to auction off on the nighr of would love to hear from u so I can send more info

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