Harvey’s Serves Up $1.89 Shakes And New ShakeSlush

Harvey’s Serves Up $1.89 Shakes And New ShakeSlush

For a limited time only, Harvey’s is offering a special $1.89 pricing deal on the brand’s hand-spun Classic Shakes and new ShakeSlush.

Harvey’s Classic Shakes are available in four flavour varieties, including chocolate, vanilla, orange cream, and strawberry.

Along with the special pricing deal on shakes, Harvey is also extending the same $1.89 pricing deal to its brand new seasonal menu offering: the ShakeSlush.

Made with half slush and half vanilla shake, the new ShakeSlush is available in any one of the following five slush flavours:  grape, blue raspberry, cherry, orange and lime.

Harvey’s $1.89 Shakes and ShakeSlush promotion is available at participating locations across Canada for a limited time.

Image via Harvey’s

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