Jian Ghomeshi Debuts ‘The Ideation Project’ Podcast

Jian Ghomeshi Debuts ‘The Ideation Project’ Podcast

Jian Ghomeshi is back, sort of. The former CBC personality has returned with a new online podcast: The Ideation Project.

The podcast – with words, original music, recording and production by Ghomeshi – debuted Monday morning with a six minute monologue entitled Exiles.

According to Ghomeshi’s project website, the content will cover “a variety of topics from politics to philosophy to pop culture and the human condition.”

The first track, Exiles, is now live:

In a 140-character environment, nuance is often a casualty. The Ideation Project is a creative adventure with the aim of taking a bigger picture view on newsworthy issues and culture, with the goal of asking questions and starting conversations.

The Ideation Project is a new media creative project that features all original words, music, recording and production. The content covers a variety of topics from politics to philosophy to pop culture and the human condition.

Ghomeshi’s public return comes about a year after being acquitted of sexually assaulting three women.

People are responding to Ghomeshi’s new project:


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10 thoughts on “Jian Ghomeshi Debuts ‘The Ideation Project’ Podcast”

  1. Jian, please return to that rock you seemed to have crawled out from under.
    Your word means nothing to anyone in this great city.
    You do not belong here

  2. I always liked his writing. I think he had a good message in all of his monologues, regardless of his behaviour in his personal life. I’m actually happy to listen to what he has to say.

    I am not worthy as judge and jury. If a real judge and jury did nothing, I am in no place to try to stand in their stead.

    1. There was no jury at Ghomeshi’s trial. He opted for–on his lawyer’s advice–judge-only trial, which is a defendant’s right to request. It’s often chosen in highly charged emotional trials because a judge will decide on letter of the law, not an emotional impression of the violent delusional creep who was accused.

  3. @Eric Matthews

    You realize he did not write those Q intros right? They were written by the Q staff. It has been reported countless times. Nothing wrong with that, but it wasn’t ‘his writing’.

  4. I agree with Eric Matthews too. What Jian does now in the present is more important now than ever before. His podcast is “trying to make a difference now”.
    We all deserve second…third chances in life. I will not judge him either…I leave that to God.
    ps I will pray for those who were/are hurt from the past.

  5. I miss Jians interviews. He knew what questions to ask. He knew who we wanted to be interview. I don’t listen to “Q” anymore. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone needs to throw an experience behind & start a new life. Who are you to judge?

  6. It is 2017. The Documentary The Ideation Project video was well meaning and thought provoking. Good luck in your future Juan Ghomeshi

  7. Recall the facts.

    Of the first five charges he was found not guilty, while his accusers were basically eviscerated by the presiding judge as unreliable and untrustworthy. Remember that time judge William Horkins accused the complainants of “lying or trying to conceal evidence from the court”?

    He apologised to his final accuser (without admitting criminal wrongdoing) and the charges were dropped. For this he does deserve a second chance.

    The ongoing extrajudicial witch hunt led by highly organised but morally corrupt social justice warriors is unfair. Ignoring the facts and chanting “believe the victim” more often and loudly does not make Mr. Ghomeshi any more guilty than the Canadian courts have found him to be.

    I’m not his biggest fan, but I used to enjoy his interviews. I’ll listen to his new podcast to see what he’s been up to over the past year and if he has anything interesting to share.

  8. He was tried and convicted by the press,but unlike Garth Dabrinsky and Conrad Black was chosen not/not guilty by a jury of his peers according to Canadian law. Let the man get on with his life. Those who don’t like him do not have to listen to his shows.

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