Original 'Degrassi' Actors To Reunite At ComiCon In Toronto

Original ‘Degrassi’ Actors To Reunite At ComiCon In Toronto

A few of the original actors from the Canadian TV franchise Degrassi will be reuniting at ComiCon in Toronto on March 18 and 19.

Stefan Brogren (Snake), Pat Mastroianni (Joey Jeremiah), Dan Woods (Mr. Raditch), Stacie Mistysyn (Caitlin) and Kirsten Bourne (Tessa) will be taking part in a panel discussion and meet-and-greet on Sunday, March 19.

The reunion marks the 30th anniversary of “Degrassi Junior High,” and just happens to coincide with Canada’s 150th birthday.

Pat Mastroianni originally announced the reunion on the Degrassi Tour Facebook page last month.

We are so excited to announce our Canadian Comic Con Tour for 2017

Why are we doing this National Tour?

It’s Degrassi Jr. High’s 30th anniversary on television and Canada’s 150th. We thought it would be a great way to celebrate both. For three decades Degrassi has been a large part of Canadian pop culture. It’s also been an international calling card for Canadian identity.

We wanted a chance to meet as many fans, in as many cities as possible. Also, to thank you for making the show what it’s become. So if you’re fan, please like, share and leave a comment on this page. Help us let everyone in Canada know, okay?

Until then, thanks for being there for us and I hope in a small way we were there for you too.

Pat Mastroianni
Joey Jeremiah

Autographs, Photos and Selfies

If you’re interested in photos, autographs, and getting a selfie with your favourite actor, here’s a rundown on the fees:

  • $30 for individual autograph headshot
  • $100 for group signed headshots
  • $30 for individual selfie
  • $100 for group selfie
  • No individual Professional photo ops available
  • $120 for the group pro photo op only

Prices and availability subject to change.

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