Canadians Accessing US Netflix With New TurboBeacon Box

Canadians Accessing US Netflix With New TurboBeacon Box

A company with roots in Canada claims to have developed a new device that allows users to access Netflix’s U.S. library from anywhere. Turbo VPN, the company behind TurboBeacon, says their device features new technology that makes it “unstoppable,” giving fans unfettered access to Netflix’s vast U.S. library of titles.

TurboBeacon was created with new, innovative technology that Turbo VPN says cannot be blocked like traditional DNS services Canadians typically use to access restricted content. Early last year, Netflix launched a crackdown on border hopping services, leaving Canadians pretty much in the dark when attempting to stream content restricted to other countries.

TurboBeacon to the Rescue

TurboBeacon is a small box that acts as bridge between your current Internet connection and all your streaming devices, intercepting all outgoing Internet traffic and funnelling it to regions of the world with the best content selection.

Once the TurboBeacon is connected to your router, it creates a new WiFi network on your system called “TurboBeacon.” Simply connect any streaming device through your new “TurboBeacon” network, and you’ll have access to restricted content, like U.S. Netflix content.

Unblock Top Streaming Services

According to their website, TurboBeacon supports many of the top streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, HBO Now, Showtime, and many others.

The TurboBeacon box itself sells for $24.95 US, but you’ll also need a monthly subscription for unlimited unblocking. That will cost you $7.95 per month, on top of any streaming service subscriptions you may have. Canadians will typically have to pay around $5 US per month for traditional unblocking services that rarely deliver restricted US content since Netflix’s crackdown.

It should also be noted that TurboBeacon does not limit your ability to access local content. Any devices connected via your current home WiFi connection will continue to stream content from your region.

While we’re always happy to report on news of this nature, Canadify has not independently tested TurboBeacon.

Setting up TurboBeacon

Image via TurboBeacon

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  1. Very interested in your Turbobeacon. I have the ethernet wireless router and modem with
    a Panasonic Vierra Smart TV. Will this work. Thanks; Delmar I want the american netflix

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