Ribfest Is Back At Montana’s For 2017

Montana’s kicks off 2017 with the return of Ribfest, where you can feast on All-You-Can-Eat Smokehouse Pork Back Ribs and other rib specials for a limited time at participating locations.

During Ribfest, fans can get All-You-Can-Eat Smokehouse Pork Back Ribs, all day, every day for $32.99. Start with a large rack, and as long as you keep eating ‘em, Montana’s will keep ‘em coming.

In addition to the All-You-Can-Eat special, Montana’s is also offering other rib specials.

Rib Taster Plate

The Rib Taster Plate features 4 bone pork back ribs that are rubbed, smoked, basted, and grilled. All ribs are served with one of southern baked beans, corn or coleslaw, choice of one side & out in-house baked cornbread. You also get your choice of signature BBQ sauce: Texas Bold, Apple Butter, Honey Garlic or Chipotle Honey, all for $14.99.

Rib Taster Plate
Rib Taster Plate

Regular Rib Plate and New Rib & Chicken Combo

The regular plate includes 6 bone pork back ribs while the new Rib and Chicken Combo features 4 bone pork back ribs plus a chicken breast. Both dishes include regular sides and choice BBQ sauce.

Rib & Chicken Combo
Rib & Chicken Combo

Image – Montana’s

7 thoughts on “Ribfest Is Back At Montana’s For 2017”

  1. All you can eat for $32.99!? What a Ripoff! For that much you can buy 3kg or 4kg of back ribs from Costco (or any good store) and have more ribs than any regular person can eat in a few days. Cooking them’s super easy too, wrap in foil & bake in oven for 2-3hrs @ 325F-300F, add sauce at end.

  2. $ 14.99 ADVERTISED ALL U CAN EAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ON CANADIAN T.V.

    1. Hi Pat, I believe they’re referring to RibFest starting at $14.99, not the All You Can Eat portion of RibFest.

      As noted in the article above, you can get a Rib Taster Plate at $14.99.

  3. I agree…what a rip-off @ $32.99. It used to be much cheaper They should also offer the beef ribs with the all-you-can eat. Not a good deal at all. Don’t waste your time. They are constantly raising the prices at Montanas. That’s why I stopped going there years ago.

  4. On our way to ribfest ..for 14.99 as advertised..and turns out it was 32.99 why the hell do you advertise..14.99 when they are double abousley ridiculous….!!!! I am very angry with MONTANA’S….iI am very disappointed in your advertisement and your restaurants….you should honor the 14.99…please dont send me any junk mail either and once you reply to my email you can delete it…for 5 people to eat there cost me 178.00 with one drink each……which 2 people couknt even eat 33.00 eorth of food….RIDICULOUS

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