Apple’s AirPods Now Available In Canada For $219

Apple’s AirPods Now Available In Canada For $219

After weeks of delays, Apple’s highly anticipated wireless AirPods are finally available to order online through its website in Canada for $219.

The AirPods are currently available on Apple’s Canadian website for $219 (Selling in the US for $159). I placed an order just to check on the delivery and received an arrival date of December 30. If you want these before Christmas, you may want to take a pass on ordering online. According to Apple, the AirPods will be available next week at Apple Stores, Apple-authorized resellers and select retailers across Canada.

Nothing is guaranteed of course, so you’ll be taking a chance either way.

AirPods can deliver five hours of listening time on a single charge, while the included carrying case can also charge the headphones to increase batter life to over 24 hours.

Image – Apple

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