Canada Wants Mandatory Backup Cams In All Cars By 2018

Canada Wants Mandatory Backup Cameras In All New Cars By 2018

The Canadian government wants to see all new cars sold in Canada to come with rear-view camera systems starting May 1, 2018.

Transport Minister Marc Garneau made the announcement Monday from École Élémentaire Publique Le Trillium in Ottawa.

Garneau proposed new regulations that will require rear-visibility systems on all new vehicles sold in Canada to help drivers see behind their vehicle when they back up.

“I’m not one for tricks, but I do like giving treats, and one of the best ones I can give this Halloween is to make rear-view cameras and displays standard equipment on all new vehicles, including base models. This helps children be seen and provides Canadians with one of the best safety technology systems to reduce back-over collisions,” Garneau said.

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One thought on “Canada Wants Mandatory Backup Cameras In All New Cars By 2018”

  1. Back up camera will not help the people who dart out and the view isn’t the complete picture
    Cameras will not replace care and control when backing up

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