Mastercard And BMO Bring ‘Selfie’ Pay To Canada

Mastercard And BMO Bring ‘Selfie Pay’ To Canada

Mastercard and BMO bring fingerprint and selfie pay to Canada in a new biometric app.

BMO Financial will be the first bank in the Canada and the United States to offer Identity Check Mobile to its customers starting in the first half of 2017.

The new payment technology uses biometrics, including fingerprint and facial recognition, to verify a cardholder’s identity and simplify online shopping.

Existing BMO commercial customers who opt-in to using Identity Check Mobile will use an app provided by BMO and Mastercard to verify their online purchases. While shopping the cardholder will be notified instantly by the app when he or she needs to verify an online purchase by swiping a fingerprint or snapping a selfie photo.

The system minimizes the need for passwords, resulting in dramatically speeding the digital checkout process while at the same time improving security. Customers can verify their identity with the fingerprint scanner or a selfie on their smart phone with the Identity Check app.

Image – MasterCard

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