Donald Trump Condemns Hillary Clinton For Stealing The Spotlight During 9/11 Event

New York – GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is condemning Hillary Clinton for “playing the woman’s card” during a 9/11 event in New York today.

Clinton left the 9/11 commemoration ceremony early Sunday after feeling “overheated,” only to reappear at her daughter’s NY City apartment a short time later looking fit as a fiddle, and straight as an arrow.

Trump condemned Clinton for making the 9/11 event “all about her” and playing the “woman’s card” by “faking” hot flashes.

“People are saying Crooked Hillary started leaning over like a falling building before making her dramatic exit, and stealing the spotlight” said Trump. He went on to say that Crooked Hillary will do anything to steal the spotlight, “absolutely anything.”

He was later heard referring to his opponent as the “Leaning Tower of Hillary.”

For his part, Trump said he doesn’t want to make the day about him. But he did urge supporters to visit his website and support his campaign by ordering his new “Make Hillary Straight Again” ball caps.

Video Show Hillary Clinton Abruptly Leaving 9/11 Event

Image – Twitter.